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Earlier this year, the first Joint Congress of European Neurology took place in Istanbul. This was the final stage in the process of merging the two European neurological societies — the European Neurological Society (ENS) and the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) — into the European Academy of Neurology (EAN).

Asia Initiative: Neurology Service and Beyond

In his 2010 inauguration speech as the president of World Federation of Neurology (WFN), Prof. Vladimir Hachinski conveyed a message: “Asia has more than 60 percent of the global population, yet in some areas, the education of neurology to young neurologists does not keep up with the patients’ needs of neurological care.”

Immune-Mediated Neurologic Disorders Recognition and Management in LMCs

Since Josep Dalmau’s 2007 report of Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis associated with ovarian teratoma1, there have been several studies that make it clear that he and his colleagues uncovered just the tip of the iceberg.

Hachinski Addresses Dementia Prevention at Royal Symposium

Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain has a special interest in Alzheimer’s disease and chaired a symposium on The Advancement of Psychosocial Care and Research in Dementia in May in Salamanca, Spain.

Moving Neurology Forward

Many important events shape our future, and in the neurology world, one of those has happened since the last issue of World Neurology. The WFN has six regions across the world and one of them is Europe.

Impressions of the First Joint Congress of the ENS and EFNS

Rudolf Martini, Würzburg, Germany, was the first speaker of this session and talked about opportunities for treatment of CMT diseases. At the moment, there is no cure for these genetic neuropathies. Studies (mouse and human) with many substances studied, such as ascorbic acid, progesterone antagonist, curcumin, neurotrophin 3, carried out without success.

Joint Congress of European Neurology

At this unique meeting organized by the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) and the European Neurological Society (ENS), more than 5,900 neurologists from 102 countries attended.

The African Commission on Epilepsy

The enormous challenges facing epilepsy care in Africa, especially in poor and rural areas, cannot be overemphasized. All human development indicators, despite some improvement, remain low and unacceptable. Faced with other pressing issues and social conflicts, bringing epilepsy to the forefront has been an uphill task.

Visiting the Neurology Department

The first Joint Congress of Neurology, combining both the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) and European Neurological Society (ENS), was held in June in Istanbul, Turkey.

European Academy of Neurology Sixth Regional Teaching Course in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sixth Regional Teaching Course (RTC) of the EAN took place in June in Lusaka, Zambia. There were 124 participants from 20 Sub-Saharan countries in attendance.

Editor’s Update and Selected Articles From JNS

Readers of the Journal of the Neurological Sciences will soon notice a few changes between the covers. The Editorial Board and I are gradually changing the way in which case reports are handled and published. JNS continues to receive a large number of manuscripts submitted from around the world.

Do’s and Don’t’s in Neurology

During neurology training, there are crossroads where the best decision is based on advice from more experienced colleagues and professors. The choice to dedicate to research or pursue the clinical path is among the first steps, and visiting departments of other sites may aid in building a career plan.

Arthur Simons and Tonic Neck Reflexes in Hemiplegic Persons

Tonic neck reflexes in animals and men were described by Magnus and de Kleyn in 1912. It became his most important publication and remained unsurpassed for the next years. A film from the years 1916-1919, with Arthur Simons as examiner, shows these nearly forgotten phenomena.

A Centenary Tribute to Silas Weir Mitchell

This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of an extraordinary individual Silas Weir Mitchell (SWM), 1829-19141. He was not only a celebrated neurologist, but also a classic experimental physiologist, a critic of insane asylums as well as an innovative therapist for neuroasthenia or what was known in those days as the “vapors.”

WFN Election 2014: Recommendations for Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee of the World Federation of Neurology having invited nominations for one elected trustee post falling vacant with effect, from the 2014 Annual General Meeting (Council of Delegates) on Sept. 11, 2014, recommends the following candidates to the membership:

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