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Pediatric Neurology in Africa

Doctors trained in the management of child neurology conditions are lacking in Africa1,2. Epilepsy is one of the major disease burdens in the continent and training in this area is even more scarce. EEG interpretation in children is very different to that for adults and grave errors can occur in patient management when misinterpretations occur.

Neurology and Psychiatry in Babylon

Babylonians described epilepsy, stroke, psychoses, depression, anxiety By Edward H. Reynolds In the last 25 years I have had the privilege of collaborating with James Kinnier Wilson (JKW) on Babylonian texts of neurological and psychiatric disorders.  JKW is a Cambridge-based assyriologist and son of the distinguished neurologist, Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (1878-1937) (see World Neurology, [...]

World Congress of Neurology 2015, Santiago, Offers Access to Collaboration and Cooperation

As we begin to think about attending the forthcoming World Congress of Neurology in Santiago, Chile, it seems timely to consider how we might take advantage of the unique opportunity that this provides to advance our field.

Announcing New Open Access Journal eNeurologicalSci

Elsevier is delighted to announce the launch of a new Open Access journal, eNeurologicalSci (eNS), on behalf of the World Federation of Neurology. eNeurologicalSci is a companion journal to the Journal of Neurological Sciences.

World Congress of Neurology will Engage Key, New and Non-traditional Stakeholders Across the Globe

As the XXII World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2015) is just a few short months away, how can we not be excited about a scientific program that will usher in delegates from around the globe and will be led by some of the world’s leading industry experts?

Neurology Practice: The Fundamentals

While visiting various countries and looking at neurology practice, I became convinced that the fundamentals are by and large the same.  The work neurologists perform in their daily practice is duplicated across the world.  I have been privileged as WFN president to be able to attend annual congresses of neurological societies in countries as diverse as [...]

World Congress of Neurology Oct. 31-Nov. 5

We are certain that the World Congress of Neurology will produce an impact. Chile and many countries in South America are at the edge of development.

European Board of Neurology Examination in Berlin in 2015

The European Board Examination in Neurology is a joint development of the UEMS Section of Neurology and the European Academy of Neurology. It is considered to be a tool for the assessment of European neurological education and to boost its European standards. It is supervised by the examination committee of the UEMS/EBN and also observed [...]

News from the 1st Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

The 1st European Academy of Neurology (EAN) congress will be held in Berlin, Germany, from June 20 to 23, 2015.

Mohammad Wasay Appointed to National Research Post

Mohammad Wasay, MD, FRCP, FAAN, has been appointed as convener, panel of experts and member of the Advisory Committee of the Pakistan Medical Research Council.

HIV Infection Is a New Target for Stroke Prevention

Stroke is the third-leading cause of premature death globally as measured in years of life lost1.

Editor’s Update and Selected Articles from the Journal of the Neurological Sciences (JNS)

The Journal of the Neurological Sciences (JNS) is a broad-based journal that publishes articles from a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from basic neuroscience to clinical cases.

Redefining Recovery from Aphasia by Dalia Cahana-Amitay and Martin Albert

Language is an incredibly complex process. Yet we speak and under- stand effortlessly in order to live our lives daily. The disruption of language following a stroke is a devastating blow to an individual’s day-to-day functioning because of our extreme dependence on this modality of communication.